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The Primary Round Up

Why is Super Tuesday just so darn great?


US Election comedy special with Erich McElroy, Grainne Maguire, Nick Revell


Super Tuesday eve - aka Monday 29 February, 7.45pm!


UK-based American comedian and pundit, Erich McElroy has made it his mission to demystify US politics to us Brits, and specifically the razzmatazz, showbiz and megabuck spectacle that is the US presidential election.  


To mark Super Tuesday, Erich is hosting a special edition of Erich McElroy’s Imperfect Guide to the US Presidential Race on Super Tuesday eve - aka Monday 29 February, at Crack Comedy Club on London’s South Bank between 7.45pm and 10.30pm with acclaimed political comedian Grainne Maguire and veteran commentator and comedian Nick Revell.


“Super Tuesday is the day the US nomination process gets super-sized. The Iowa and New Hampshire votes were like a mini-cheeseburger. Super Tuesday is a Whopper wrapped in a Big Mac and covered in a milk shake. It’s that good."


"It’s the day the most states hold their state primaries, meaning it’s a chance to haul in a huge bag of delegates. It might even be enough for some lucky duck to secure their party’s nomination. Maybe this year it’s the day we see if Trump has wings, or if he’s just been blowing his own horn all this time.”


Buy your tickets for only £5 here


‘Cracking, consistently intriguing and innovative formula’ ★★★★

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