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Erich McElroy's (US) Electile Dysfunction

★★★★★ "This is political stand-up comedy at its best." BroadwayBaby 

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★★★★ "Sincerity and sharp wit leaving you with a hopeful beam on your face and desperately wanting more." Edfringe Review 

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Best Joke of the Fringe list for Independent and Daily Mail

The show

It’s not hard to be US President, but it is hard to understand the most dysfunctional presidential election race ever. Comedian and experienced press and broadcast pundit Erich McElroy has got the stars, the stripes and the spunk to explain the big- gest poll on the planet.

This year’s Presidential race has been marked by verbal abuse and calls for physical violence - and that’s just from Donald Trump’s former butler. With all this heated rhetoric Erich is calling for people to stop listening to the person who is the loudest, but listen to a bit of reason, but he’s pretty sure know one can hear him.

Rather than scream at you his political ideas, Erich wants to scream at people not to scream their political ideas. He promises to do this without any actual screaming. It will be quite a scream.

'A show worth seeing.' The Mirror'

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