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Erich's debut hour 

The Pleasance, Ed Fringe 2012


American Erich McElroy is more British than you. 


Not surprising really, he had to revise for it, 

swear an oath and learn all the 

verses of the national anthem. 

He’s taken the biggest pub quiz going and won citizenship. 


But is that enough? 


Come and share this hour of comedy about discovering 

what it takes to become British, other than the relevant documentation.  


Afterwards if you still don't think Erich is British and wish to complain - join the queue. You'll enjoy that.  





‘Brilliant observation...very honest...The theme of identity is rich with potential and we are lucky enough to be watching a performer with more than enough skill to explore, satirise and occasionally simply take the piss out of it’



‘It was a joy to be an audience member...masterful hour of piss taking’



‘An American by birth, but British at heart...this show will have you giggling all the way through.’


‘Warm and funny show’ The List


Comedy SouthWest - Pick of the Fringe


‘McElroy is witty and smart in this fast-paced show about life in Britain as an American: very funny’ -


‘He’s an intelligent spectator of both cultures, drawing funny distinctions between his two patria...A ticket worth the value on its face.’


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