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Erich McElroy Tops Trump

★★★★★ "This is political stand-up comedy at its best." BroadwayBaby 

★★★★ "Sincerity and sharp wit leaving you with a hopeful beam on your face and desperately wanting more." Edfringe Review 

"Bot faced douche" Now Blocked, Twitter

The show

It's pretty hard to top the most controversial figure in modern political history but American-born, British-based comic, Erich McElroy, has stacked the deck. 

Donald Trump goes through scandals faster than he plowed through contestants on The Apprentice and he’s changing the nature of the presidency one tweet at a time. 

Erich’s trying to keep a step ahead, by trying to understand Trump and his followers. Who knows, in another life, any one of us could have been one of them. 

Soon Trump will done to America what he’s done to many of his businesses - declare it bankrupt and go golfing - in the meantime join Erich for the latest fake news furore. 

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