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Some things to watch

Enjoy. Watch. Share.
Erich on BBC Breakfast

Erich went on Breakfast to chat about results from Iowa Caucus.  


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Ad for Presidential Guide

Here's one of Erich's ads for his 2015 Edinburgh show. 


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News 500

This is a weekly news show that Erich regularly writes, edits and features in.


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Talking Scotland

Here Erich am talking about Scotland and Indpendence at the fantastic Bearcat Comedy Club in London.

Giving the Citizenship Test in London

Erich did this for the Independent Blog - to see how many could pass the test. The results weren't too encouraging.

Here's ERich chatting on Breakfast about the Citizenship test.

Sorry the quality is so bad, this is how they sent it. But it was a funny, if not early experience.


Lots of people there seemed very worried Erich would start swearing.

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