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Yes. Donald Trump Could Win

The polls have tightened in American and it’s time to realize Donald Trump could become the next President of the United States.

How could this happen? How could Trump pull off one of the most shocking political upsets of all time?

Here’s just a few reasons why people will vote for him.

“Trump’s a winner.”

Americans like winners. Not only does Trump know how to win, he wins even when he’s losing. Kind of like the way America won the Vietnam War.

An example of how he does it? When he came second in the Iowa caucus, he said he still won because no one thought he would do that well. In his mind, second place is first place, as long as it’s his place.

“Trump’s a great businessman.”

Yes, he’s gone bankrupt at least six times, but he uses that to show how good he is at business. The bankruptcies weren’t a reflection of how badly he managed the businesses, but how good he used the bankruptcy laws. (Again see winner point above)

“Trump’s honest.”

He first gained traction by saying he wouldn’t take money during the primaries because he knows how politicians are corrupted by taking money. He knows this, he told us, because as a businessman he’s been giving money to politicians his whole life - to corrupt them. His campaign is essentially based on the idea of cutting out the middleman.

That’s why people trust him, he says something that is true - money corrupts. And people think, “Yes, Trump knows how corrupt the system is - since he’s been corrupting people all along. He’s the only one who admits it. That’s why we trust him.”

“Trump’s not afraid to change his mind.”

He’s said numerous times that anything he says is just a suggestion. The wall with Mexico - sure he’s guaranteed that Mexico would pay for it - unless he decides that’s not realistic. And his followers know it probably won't happen, but at least he said something they’ve always wanted to say.

“Trump’s the Tea Party’s Man.”

The far right of the Republican party are in charge of the party now. They are a group that doesn’t believe in government, but have gotten a lot of people into government, which generally doesn’t lead to good government. They don’t care if he breaks the government, it’s what they’ve always wanted.

“Trump’s followers know he doesn’t lie to them.”

People only listen to news that agrees with them. Today everyone only tunes into their own personal media stream. We all have the mirror from Snow White. “Mirror, mirror, do you want to be on a wall with Mexico? Of course you do!”

That’s not just the “wacky” right. How many Facebook friends have you blocked for disagreeing with you? Exactly.

"He’s an outsider.”

Many American’s like an outsider. As long as that outsider isn’t a Mexican.

“Trump’s funny.”

The only thing funny about Hillary Clinton is that there is nothing funny about Hillary Clinton.

“Trump can come to dinner.”

We pick the president based on who we’d rather have over for a hotdog. It’s as if America’s choice is between Theresa May or Prince Phillip. Who would you rather sit next to at a dinner party?

“Trump’s healthy.”

The cat is out of the bag - Hillary Clinton (at 68 years old!!!) has pneumonia. It must be the biggest cover-up since a teenager tried to cover up a spot on his chin. How could anyone believe she has one of the most common illnesses for people her age.

Trump, is fit as a fiddle at 70 and eats KFC regularly. No health concerns there at all.

“Trump’s got a great slogan.”

His “Make America Great Again” gives you hope that America can be taken back to a place that never existed. Compare that to one of Hillary’s main slogans: “I’m with her.” That just sounds like you’ve given up. Like you’ve had to go to prom with your mom.

Add it all up and it could happen. Once you put it on a ballot anything goes. Don’t believe me? Just ask David Cameron.

Join me the 11th and 24th October at the Museum of Comedy where I’ll be talking Hillary and Trump. And Bernie for old time's sake. Details here Erich McElroy's (US) Electile Dysfunction.


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