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The Seven Longest Days in Donald Trump's Life

The last week of the presidential campaign has had enough news to fill an entire election cycle. Just seven days ago the narrative was an ascending Trump who only had to stand still to win the first debate against the woman he was going to declare as crooked and whose husband he was going to re-impeach.

The only way to describe the last seven days is hard on Trump.

Starting at the debate, Hillary did two things which shows she must have hacked my emails (I can't afford my own home server) cause she copied things I've been saying she needed to do for weeks.

In the first 45 seconds she mentioned her grandchildren, ticking the all important ‘I am human card.’ Second, as soon as she could she had a dig at Donald's wealth, including an ever so ‘small’ start-up loan of a mere $14 million. Taking on the size of Donald’s ‘wealth’ is almost as upsetting to him as mentioning the size of his hands.

The most remarkable thing Hillary did at the debates (something that no one saw coming) was she had fun. Just watch her shimmy if you don't believe me.

She also manage a victory for nerds everywhere when Trump had a go at her taking time to get ready for the debate. Her line, “I prepared for this. Just like I am prepared to be president” will be repeated to bullies on playgrounds across America.

That preparation showed when she handed Trump his ass in a Miss Universal swing.

It was the trap he couldn't stop from walking into and it began the series of events that made the week so incredible. It didn't have to become the massive story it has been. Trump has done that all himself. We all know his history of terrible comments about woman, and what would have been just a bad moment on debate night carried on for days. He went on the attack for most of the week including a 3am Twitter rant about the woman. Further alienating women and reinforcing Hillary’s comments about his temperament.

But that was just the start of Trump’s seven days from hell. Just look at the long list of stories this week - any of which could have been disastrous for a normal candidate.

*A major Florida campaigner advisor for Trump resigned.

*The Trump Foundation, which is meant to be an independent charity, may have illegally solicited donations.

*Money from the Foundation may been misdirected repeated to benefit Trump Inc.

*We will soon get to see Trump being deposed in one of the many lawsuits against him.

*After saying he never supported the Iraq war, the radio host Howard Stern has confirmed Trump did indeed support it.

*More and more conservatives politicians and and conservative papers keep endorsing Hillary

*He was supported by former KKK leader David duke who said Trump’s success is helping him.

*It has been reported Trump tried to fire women not pretty enough

*One of Trump’s companies may have illegally spent money in Cuba

All of that happened before Friday last week.

Bet they were glad the week ended with revelations that in 2000 Trump appeared in a porn video for playboy. It was soft porn. Which is good. The week was hard enough for Trump already.

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