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Thoughts before the third and final (ever) Presidential Debate

Looking back at my notes after the second debates reminds me of just how depressing that entire experience was. Before it even started Trump did his bizarre press conference with a group of Bill Clinton’s accusers. That was the high point. It was the gutter of American politics, if that the gutter was in the basement of Hell’s parking lot.

Now we face the final curtain - of democracy in the U.S. - if Donald’s trumped up accusations of vote rigging are to be believed. And they shouldn’t be, since even members of his own party say they are completely ridiculous.

But we live in a post-fact, lizard-people, internet-wacko world where every conspiracy theory can gain credence and legitimacy as long as it’s got a youtube channel.

Hillary’s weaknesses are still there, but to say she’s just as bad as the anti-democracy, fear-mongering and race-baiting coming from the Republican nominee is probably more shocking than anything Trump has actually said. Yes, Hillary has been on three sides of every issue. Even issues that only have two sides. Yes, she continues to do things which optically make her look corrupt. But we know what she will do, and we know the kind of policies she will support.

What do I hope to see tonight? My advice for Hillary in the first debate was be human. Now she needs to step forward and say what America will be like with her as president. She needs to make people want her. Not just be with her, not to vote against someone else, but to want to give her the keys to drive the country forward. Although, that might be too much to ask considering she hasn’t driven a car in over 25 years. (That’s not a woman driver joke by the way, it’s cause she’s been driven around. Even the Queen drives every now and then for gosh darn’s sake).

What do I want Donald to do? He could also surprise us all and go positive. He could apologize, be humble and ask for a second chance to be the caring, thoughtful, misunderstood kid, who even though he was born with a golden spoon, just craves his father’s approval.

And you know what - I really believe he could do it. I might as well believe that, it’s about as realistic as anything else he’s likely to actually say.

If you need me I will be in the corner, one eye on the debate and the other gouged out.

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