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Why do so many Americans dislike Hillary Clinton?

There's a reason Hillary clinton hasn't run away with the presidency.

Her name(s):

Is she Hillary Clinton? Hillary Rodham? Hillary Rodham Clinton? Hillary Rodham Clinton Jingleheimer Schmidt?

Hillary annoyed people back in Arkansas in the 1970s by not taking her husband’s name when they got married. It was the South. He was the Governor. She was a woman. She kept working. What the hell was she thinking?

No-one cares that she could be the first female president:

Lots of people just don’t like her, not so much because she’s a woman, but because she represents the establishment.

If anything that could be interpreted as progress for women’s rights. She’s made so much progress for women in her career no one cares that she’s a woman anymore.

Young people don’t get her:

Millennial voters were much more attracted to the youthful 74 year old Bernie Sanders.

Bernie’s the fun uncle that lives in the attic (Vermont), who always gives you sweets (maple syrup) before dinner.

Hillary’s the nasty old aunt who makes you eat your veg and gives awkward hugs. Who would you choose?

She’s been on the both sides of the argument so many times, she’s on the other side of the argument about being on the other side of the argument:

You can name any issue and she has probably supported it and opposed it in equal measure.

Some could say that’s a politician representing the voice of her supporters. Others believe in never changing their minds on anything. They are often called unelected.

She can’t come across as honest:

Donald Trump is rated as more honest than Hillary even though 90% of what he says is about as real as his hair.

She just doesn’t sell it as well as he does. She was even asked if she has ever lied to the American people, and she couldn’t even manage to lie about that.

The scandals:

For the Clintons, there are just too many scandals to list. She probably has them on email somewhere, but she deleted it.

Come November 8, we will find out if not liking her matters, and if hating someone means you have to hate being led by them.

This blog originally appeared on Wow247 here

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