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The Calm Before the Nap - A Pre-VP Debate Update

You can’t make up bad days like this for the Trump campaign. You’ve got the news that he probably hasn’t paid any taxes for decades, he lost a Billion dollars (that’s a B folks), his charitable foundation has been told to stop chariting, polls have him slipping, and he just dismissed PTSD veterans as ‘not strong.’ Almost feel sorry for the poor guy. I can say poor, since he’s in so much debt.

And I don’t want to be completely biased, what’s happening in Clinton world? Who knows. No one is paying any attention since she is just running a normal campaign. The Drudge Report has featured decades old comments about a possible love child for Bill, but is that really news? I would imagine half of Arkansas from the late 70’s onwards can call Bill their father.

There was the non-Wikileaks data-dump - shall we call them Wiki-plugged? They keep cancelling the dump. Maybe they should try some prunes. I’m sure we can send some directly to Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy, I think that’s where prunes come from anyway.

At least we have the Vice Presidential debate to look forward to, or as it’s being billed on most news networks ‘Dull and duller.’ If you weren’t an election junkie like I am, it isn’t surprising if you don’t know that it’s even happening Tuesday night.

It’s gonna be a long night, I’m off to make my nachos, as it starts at 2am here in the UK. I’ve never had any Red Bull, but I’ll need wings just to stay awake.

It’s such a novel idea for this election cycle. The two men facing each other are both current or former governors, with resumes that actually qualify them to be president. They both have clear and divergent views on policy and the direction of the country. They will likely talk about those ideas, compare and contrast their records and suggest policies for what they would do if elected.

I mean really! Who gives a damn. I want to know who has the biggest hands/whatever or I’m not watching the whole thing!

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